Sushido fan art


Outer Space and One Nuclear Girl





Miu, 11 years old Joël (composer) daughter

Yeza Fan Art


Sushido’s future! and early concept sketch


So all of us who’ve worked on the game have given it a thought, and decided to move forward to turning Sushido into a full fledged mobile game. We’ll also keep updating the build here, so keep an eye out!

Meanwhile, we made a Facebook page and a twitter account where you can follow all our updates:

here a early concept sketches for @sushidogame

#Sushido FunFact: The FatCat was close to being chosen

Sushi sketchz

And once again, thank you all who made it possible for us to reach 2nd place in the #indiesvsgamers jam, and everyone else who played the game and gave us valuable feedback!

If you haven’t played Sushido game jam build yet you can try it here: